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Two-dimensional oscillator in time-dependent fields: comparison of some exact and approximate calculations / O. Chuluunbaatar ; A.A. Gusev ; S.I. Vinitsky ; V.L. Derbov ; A. Galtbayar and T. Zhanlav
Photoionization and recombination of a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field / O. Chuluunbaatar ; A.A. Gusev ; S.I. Vinitsky ; V.L. Derbov ; L.A. Melnikov and V.V. Serov
Explicit Magnus expansions for solving the time-dependent Schrodinger equation / Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Derbov, V.L. ; Galtbayar, A. ; Gusev, A.A. ; Kaschiev, M.S. ; Vinitsky, S.I. ; Zhanlav, T.
Laser-field-induced free-bound transitions in positron anti-proton collisions / Melnikov, L.A. ; Ryabinina, M.V. ; Derbov, V.L. ; Umansky, I.M. ; Vinitsky, S.I.
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Polarization coherent states and geometric phases in quantum optics / Karasev, Valery P. ; Derbov, Vladimir L. ; Priyutova, Olga M. ; Vinitsky, Sergei I. [quant-ph/9608002]
Geometrical phases for quasienergy states in multilevel quantum systems / Derbov, V.L. ; Markovski, B.L. ; Vinitsky, S.I. [JINR-E4-92-127]
TOPOLOGICAL PHASE OF VLADIMIRSKII BERRY IN OPTICAL POLARIZATION EXPERIMENTS / Vinitsky, S.I. ; Derbov, V.L. ; Dubovik, V.M. ; Markovski, B.L. ; Stepanovsky, Yu.P. [JINR-P4-89-178]
Geometrical phases for quasi-energy states in multi-level quantum systems / Derbov, V L ; Markovski, B L ; Vinitsky, S I [E4-92-127] [JINR-E4-92-127]
Quasienergy spectrum of a periodically kicked rotator / Chekanov, N. A. ; Derbov, V. L. ; Vinitsky, S. I. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1684781]
Geometric phases of the generalized polarization coherent states in quantum optics / Karassiov, V. P. ; Derbov, V. L. ; Priyutova, O. M. ; Vinitsky, S. I. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1684809]
Explicit Magnus expansions for solving the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation / Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Derbov, V. L. ; Galtbayar, A. ; Gusev, A. A. ; Kaschiev, M. S. ; Vinitsky, S. I. ; Zhanlav, T. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2455276 (2009k:81072)]
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Calculation of a hydrogen atom photoionization in a strong magnetic field by using the angular oblate spheroidal functions / Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Gusev, A. A. ; Derbov, V. L. ; Kaschiev, M. S. ; Melnikov, L. A. ; Serov, V. V. ; Vinitsky, S. I. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2371813 (2008k:81370)]
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