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Measuremen of the cross section for the reaction $d$ + $d$ $\rightarrow$ $^{3}$He + $n$ at ultralow collision energies by the Z-pinch technique / Bulgakov, T.L. ; Bystritskii, Vit.M. ; Bystritsky, Viach.M. ; Chaikovsky, S.A. ; Filipowicz, M. ; Grebenyuk, V.M. ; Gula, A. ; Luchinsky, A.V. ; Makhrin, V.I. ; Mesyats, G.A. ; et al
${}^3$He-DETECTORS IN EXPERIMENTS AT THE POWERFUL PULSED ACCELERATORS / V.F. Boreiko ; V.M. Bystritsky ; V.M. Grebenyuk ; A.I. Ivanov ; A.I. Kalinin ; A.P. Krylov ; S.S. Parzhitsky ; V.M. Slepnev ; V.A. Stolupin ; J. Wozniak [JINR-D15-2001-145]
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EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF NUCLEAR FUSION REACTIONS IN A pt$\mu$ SYSTEM / L. N. Bogdanova ; D.L. Demin ; V.N. Duginov ; V. V. Filchenkov ; K. I. Gritsaj ; A.D. Konin ; T. N. Mamedov ; A. I. Rudenko ; V. A. Stolupin ; Yu.I. Vinogradov ; et al [JINR-E15-2012-33]
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Cross sections of the Zn-67 (n, alpha) Ni-64 reaction at 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 MeV / Zhang, Guohui ; Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Szalanski, P.J. ; Liu, Jiaming ; Wu, Hao ; Liu, Xiang ; Chen, Jinxiang ; Stolupin, V.A.
Cross sections of the Nd-143 (n, alpha) Ce-140 and Sm-147 (n, alpha) Nd-144 reactions in the MeV neutron energy region / Gledenov, Yu.M. ; Sedysheva, M.V. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Zhang, Guohui ; Zhang, Jiaguo ; Wu, Hao ; Liu, Jiaming ; Chen, Jinxiang ; Khuukhenkhuu, G. ; Koehler, P.E. ; et al
Nuclear fusion in muonic deuterium-helium complex / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Filipowicz, M. ; Gerasimov, V.V. ; Knowles, P.E. ; Mulhauser, F. ; Popov, N.P. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Volnykh, V.P. ; Wozniak, J. [nucl-ex/0506025]
Muon capture by He-3 nuclei followed by proton and deuteron production / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Boreiko, V.F. ; Filipowicz, M. ; Gerasimov, V.V. ; Huot, O. ; Knowles, P.E. ; Mulhauser, F. ; Pavlov, V.N. ; Schaller, L.A. ; Schneuwly, H. ; et al [nucl-ex/0307020]
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Experimental study of mu atomic and mu molecular processes in pure helium and deuterium helium mixtures / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Boreiko, V.F. ; Czaplinski, W. ; Filipowicz, M. ; Gerasimov, V.V. ; Huot, O. ; Knowles, P.E. ; Mulhauser, F. ; Pavlov, V.N. ; Popov, N.P. ; et al [nucl-ex/0312018]
Scattering of p mu muonic atoms in solid hydrogen / Wozniak, J. ; Adamczak, A. ; Beer, G.A. ; Bystritsky, V.M. ; Filipowicz, M. ; Fujiwara, M.C. ; Huber, T.M. ; Huot, O. ; Jacot-Guillarmod, R. ; Kammel, P. ; et al [nucl-ex/0212005]
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New target cryostat for experiments with negative muons / Boreiko, V.F. ; Bystritsky, V.M. ; Datskov, V.I. ; Fedorov, A.N. ; Pavlov, V.N. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Del Rosso, A. ; Jacot-Guillarmod, R. ; Mulhauser, F. ; Rivkis, L.A. [JINR-D13-98-146]
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On the registration ability of solid state CR-39 track detectors in vacuum / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Grebenyuk, V.M. ; Revenko, A.V. ; Stetsenko, S.G. ; Stolupin, V.A. [JINR-P13-95-548]
The Setup to investigate rare processes with neutron producing / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Zhuravlev, N.I. ; Merzlyakov, S.I. ; Sidorov, V.T. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Strelkov, A.V. ; Shvetsov, V.N. [JINR-D13-95-243]
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Investigation of hydrogen permeability of protective coating for high temperature alloy EI698 / Bystritsky, V.M. ; Voshedchenko, B.M. ; Granovsky, V.B. ; Kanaev, A.I. ; Knyazev, E.V. ; Kuts, V.A. ; Meleshko, E.V. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; Khan, Don Ir ; Sharapov, V.M. [JINR-P13-91-128]
Correlation experiments on checking the existence of low temperature nuclear fusion in titanium and zirconium deuterides / Artyukhov, V.I. ; Bystricky, V.M. ; Gilev, A.I. ; Ilieva-Sokolinova, N. ; Kalinin, A.I. ; Perevezentsev, A.N. ; Rivkis, L.A. ; Sedykh, Yu.V. ; Sorokin, S.I. ; Stolupin, V.A. ; et al [JINR-D13-91-200]
On a question of experimental determination of the parameters of processes at mu atoms exchange of hydrogen isotopes on He nuclei / Bystricky, V.M. ; Stolupin, V.A. [JINR-P4-90-220]

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