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STUDY OF DEEP SUBCRITICAL ELECTRONUCLEAR SYSTEMS AND FEASIBILITY OF THEIR APPLICATION FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION AND RADIOACTIVE WASTE TRANSMUTATION / J. Adam ; A. Baldin ; N. Vladimirova ; N. Gundorin ; B. Gus'kov ; V. Dyachenko ; A. Elishev ; M. Kadykov ; E. Kostyuhov ; V. Krasnov ; et al [JINR-E1-2010-61]
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Nuclear physics, neutron physics and applications. Proceedings, 19th International School, Varna 2011, Varna, Bulgaria, September 19-25, 2011 / Stoyanov, Chavdar, (ed.) ; Dimitrova, Sevdalina, (ed.) ; Voronov, Victor, (ed.)
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Nuclear structure calculations with a separable approximation for Skyrme interactions / Severyukhin, A.P. ; Voronov, V.V. ; Stoyanov, C. ; Van Giai, Nguyen [nucl-th/0301064]
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Quasiparticle RPA with finite rank approximation for Skyrme interactions / Severyukhin, A.P. ; Stoyanov, C. ; Voronov, V.V. ; Van Giai, Nguyen [nucl-th/0206059]
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Separabelized Skyrme interactions and quasiparticle RPA / Severyukhin, A.P. ; Voronov, V.V. ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Giai, Nguyen Van [nucl-th/0212104]
Proton decay of high lying states in odd nuclei / Stoyanov, Ch. ; Voronov, V.V. ; Van Giai, N. [nucl-th/0001042]
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Population of isomers in decay of giant dipole resonance / Tsoneva, N. ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Gangrsky, Yu.P. ; Ponomarev, V.Yu. ; Balabanov, N.P. ; Tonchev, A.P. [nucl-th/9909039]
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Finite rank approximation for random phase approximation calculations with Skyrme interactions: An application to Ar isotopes / Van Giai, Nguyen ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Voronov, V.V.
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Magnetic polarization and two phonon states / Tsoneva, N. ; Stoyanov, C. ; Grinberg, M. ; Vdovin, A. [JINR-E4-97-211]
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The influence of complex configuration on the properties of low lying states / Grinberg, M. ; Ponomarev, V. ; Stoyanov, Ch. [JINR-E4-90-210]
THE ROLE OF 'QUASIPARTICLE x PHONON' COMPONENTS IN GAMMA DECAY OF HIGH LYING STATES / Ponomarev, V.Yu. ; Solovev, V.G. ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Vdovin, A.I. [JINR-E4-86-396]
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Excitation of Collective States in Spherical Nuclei at High-Energy Proton Interaction / Vdovin, A.I. ; Stoyanov, Ch. ; Fedotov, S.I. ; Shpakov, V.P. ; Eramzhian, R.A. [JINR-P4-10182]
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Excitation of the Isomeric States 1h_{11/2} in the Nuclear Reactions with gammaRays, Neutrons and at betaDecay / Belov, A G ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Melnikova, L M ; Ponomarev, V Yu ; Tsoneva, N ; Stoyanov, C ; Tonchev, A P ; Balabanov, N P [JINRP152000139] [P52000139]
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The influence of complex configuration on the properties of low-lying states / Grinberg, M ; Ponomarev, V ; Stoyanov, C [E4-90-210] [JINR-E4-90-210]
The role "quasiparticle x phonon" components in gamma-decay of high-lying states / Ponomarev, V Yu ; Soloviev, V G ; Stoyanov, C ; Vdovin, A I [JINR-E4-86-396]

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3 Stoyanov, C.
7 Stoyanov, Ch.
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