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Relativistic particles in a strong magnetic field and dense matter / Balantsev, I.A. ; Popov, Yu V. ; Studenikin, A.I.
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Теоретическое исследование реакций p+He-->H+He^{+} и p+He-->H+He^{++}+e при сверхмалых углах рассеяния водорода / Yu.V. Popov ; O. Chuluunbaatar ; S.I. Vinitsky ; L.U. Ancarani ; C. Dal Cappello and P.S. Vinitsky
Uncoupled correlated variational function in (e,2e) and (e,3e) calculations for ionization of the helium atom / Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Popov, Yu.V. ; Vinitsky, S.I. [JINR-P4-2002-134]
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On the study of the transfer ionization reactions at super small scattering angles / Popov, Yu.V. ; Chuluunbaatar, O. ; Vinitsky, S.I. ; Ancarani, L.U. ; Dal Cappello, C. ; Vinitsky, P.S. [JINR-E4-2002-140]
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Uncoupled Correlated Variational Function in (e, 2e) and (e, 3e) Calculations for Ionization of the Helium Atom / Popov, Yu V ; Vinitsky, S I [JINR-P4-2002-134] [P4-2002-134]
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On the Study of the Transfer Ionization Reactions at Super Small Scattering Angles / Popov, Yu V ; Chuluunbaatar, O ; Vinitsky, S I ; Ancarani, L U ; Dal Cappello, C ; Vinitsky, P S [E4-2002-140] [JINR-E4-2002-140]
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(e,3e) Reactions at Moderate Energies: Visualization of Average Field Effects in Atom / Kouzakov, K A ; Chuluunbaatar, O ; Gusev, A A ; Vinitsky, S I ; Popov, Yu V [JINR-P-4-2002-218] [P-4-2002-218]
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2 Popov, Y V
2 Popov, Y.A.
11 Popov, Yu P
1 Popov, Yu V.
4 Popov, Yu.
2 Popov, Yu.A.
23 Popov, Yu.P.
1 Popov, Yu.P., (ed.)
2 Popov, Yu.V.
1 Popov, Yury A.
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