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The Rudolf Mössbauer Story: His Scientific Work and Its Impact on Science and History / / Kalvius, Michael. ; Kienle, Paul.
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103rd International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi": Tendenze della fisica nucleare / Kienle, P ; Ricci, Renato Angelo ; Rubbino, A
Symposium : 10 Years of Uranium Beam at the UNILAC / Angert, Norbert ; Kienle, P [GSI-86-19]
3rd International School of Heavy-ion Physics "Ettore Majorana"s / Broglia, R A ; Kienle, P ; Bortignon, P F
The High-Acceptance Dielectron Spectrometer HADES / Agakishiev, G. ; Agodi, C. ; Alvarez-Pol, H. ; Atkin, E. ; Badura, E. ; Balanda, A. ; Bassi, A. ; Bassini, R. ; Bellia, G. ; Belver, D. ; et al [arXiv:0902.3478]
DISTO data on K- pp / Maggiora, M. ; Kienle, P. ; Suzuki, K. ; Yamazaki, T. ; Alexeev, M. ; Amoroso, A. ; Balestra, F. ; Bedfer, Y. ; Bertini, R. ; Bland, L.C. ; et al [arXiv:0912.5116]
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First exclusive measurements of the K- pp state populated in the pp ---> K+ Lambda p reaction at 2.85-GeV / Yamazaki, T. ; Kienle, P. ; Suzuki, K. ; Kienle, P. ; Alexeev, M. ; Balestra, F. ; Bertini, R. ; Bussa, M.P. ; Chiosso, M. ; Colantoni, M.L. ; et al [arXiv:0810.5182]
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Measurement of the beta+ and orbital electron-capture decay rates in fully-ionized, hydrogen-like, and helium-like Pr-140 ions / Litvinov, Yu.A. ; Bosch, F. ; Geissel, H. ; Kurcewicz, J. ; Patyk, Z. ; Winckler, N. ; Batist, L. ; Beckert, K. ; Boutin, D. ; Brandau, C. ; et al [arXiv:0711.3709]
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Dilepton production in ion ion collisions studied using HADES / Kugler, A. ; Agakichiev, H. ; Agodi, C. ; Alvarez-Pol, H. ; Balanda, A. ; Bellia, G. ; Bertini, D. ; Bielcik, J. ; Bohmer, M. ; Bokemeyer, H. ; et al
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Dielectron production in C-12+C-12 collisions at 2-AGeV with HADES / Agakichiev, G. ; Agodi, C. ; Alvarez-Pol, H. ; Balanda, A. ; Bertini, D. ; Bielcik, J. ; Bellia, G. ; Bohmer, M. ; Bokemeyer, H. ; Boyard, J.L. ; et al [nucl-ex/0608031]
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Strong interaction studies with antiprotons. Letter of intent for PANDA (Antiproton Annihilations at Darmstadt) / Kotulla, M. ; Krusche, B. ; Zehr, F. ; Xie, J.J. ; Zhou, B.S. ; Held, T. ; Koch, H. ; Kopf, B. ; Lewandowski, B. ; Peters, K. ; et al
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Physics with antiprotons at the future GSI facility / Schwarz, C. ; Barnes, T. ; Bettoni, D. ; Calabrese, R. ; Cassing, W. ; Duren, M. ; Ganzhur, S. ; Gillitzer, A. ; Hartmann, O. ; Hejny, V. ; et al

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3 Kienle, P
2 Kienle, Paul.
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