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EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF SIMULTANEOUS ACCELERATION OF PROTONS AND H<sup>-</sup> IONS IN THE CYCLOTRON / V. Bejsovec ; M. Cihak ; V.P. Dmitrievsky ; A.A. Glazov ; V.V. Kolga ; M. Krivanek ; L.K. Thanh ; Z. Treibal ; J. Tucek ; A.T. Vasilenko [JINR-E9-88-310]
HIGH VOLTAGE SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR ELECTROSTATIC DEFLECTOR / Akkuratov, V.A. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Kudryashov, V.V. ; Semenov, M.M. ; Shakun, N.G. ; Yun, Kho Zin [JINR-P9-11344]
Program complex for cyclotron beam dynamic simulations / Glazov, A.A. ; Kalinichenko, V.V. ; Karamysheva, G.A. ; Lisenkova, O.E.
External link: JACOW
Electron deuteron scattering with HERA, a letter of intent for an experimental programme with the H1 detector / Alexopoulos, T. ; Andreev, V. ; Aschenauer, E. ; Babaev, A. ; Backovic, S. ; Baranov, P. ; Barber, D. ; Belostotsky, S. ; Belousov, A. ; Bianchi, N. ; et al [DESY-03-194DESY-PRC-03-02H1-04-03-609]
External link: DESY
Longitudinal beam space charge effects in the cyclotron-injector of the JINR phasotron / Vorozhtsov, A.S. ; Vorozhtsov, S.B. ; Onishchenko, L.M. ; Glazov, A.A. [JINR-P9-2001-195]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext
Cyclotron Ic-35 for isotope production / Alenitsky, Y.G. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Denisov, Y.N. ; Zaplatin, N.L. ; Kalinichenko, V.V. ; Morozov, N.A. ; Novikov, L.L. ; Onishchenko, L.M. ; Samsonov, E.V. ; Somov, L.N. ; et al [JINR-P9-99-250]
External link: FERMILABOTHER
On the high efficiency extraction (approximately 100%) from the sector cyclotron / Glazov, A.A. ; Novikov, D.L. ; Onishchenko, L.M. [JINR-P9-98-198]
Improvement on the electron model of the ring cyclotron for investigation of the closed orbit expansion effect / Glazov, A.A. ; Dmitrievsky, V.P. ; Zaplatin, N.L. ; Kalinichenko, V.V. ; Kochkin, V.A. ; Novikov, D.L. ; Onishchenko, L.M. ; Samsonov, E.V. [JINR-P9-97-187]
High current deuteron cyclotron complex as meson and neutron generator for accelerator driven transmutation technology (ADTT) and energy production / Alenitsky, Yu.G. ; Borisov, O.N. ; Chesnov, A.F. ; Denisov, Yu.N. ; Dmitrevsky, V.P. ; Dzhelepov, V.P. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Kalinichenko, V.V. ; Onishchenko, L.M. ; Vorozhtsov, S.B. ; et al [JINR-E9-96-370]
External link: CERNKEY
ARES: A Spectrometer for the investigation of rare particle decays and rare nuclear processes / Baranov, V.A. ; Chernyavsky, N.N. ; Evtukhovich, P.G. ; Filippov, A.I. ; Fursov, A.P. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Khomutov, N.V. ; Kisel, I.V. ; Korenchenko, A.S. ; Korenchenko, S.M. ; et al
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Deuteron cyclotron complex as meson and neutron generator / Alenitsky, Yu.G. ; Denisov, Yu.N. ; Dmitrievsky, V.P. ; Dzhelepov, V.P. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Kalinichenko, V.V. ; Onishchenko, L.M. ; Vorozhtsov, S.B. ; Zaplatin, N.L. ; Maltsev, A.P. ; et al
External link: JACOW
Reconstruction of Z coordinates of tracks in the ARES facility / Glazov, A.A. ; Kisel, I.V. ; Ososkov, G.A. [JINR-E10-93-123]
Second harmonic phase stabilization system / Akkuratov, V.A. ; Glazov, A.A. ; Novikov, D.L. [JINR-P9-92-14]
Geometry choice and calculation of U-200T isochronous cyclotron accelerating system / Glazov, A.A. ; Zaplatin, E.N. [JINR-P9-91-83]

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