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A spectrometer for seeking exotic states of pionic atoms of xenon / Bargholtz, C. ; Geren, L. ; Grebenev, V.N. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Karpukhin, V.S. ; Laukhin, I.V. ; Lindberg, K. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Tegner, P.E. ; Chernyshev, B.A. ; et al
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Formation of highly excited states of He-6 in the Be-9 (pi-, tt) t reaction / Gurov, Yu.B. ; Karpukhin, V.S. ; Lapushkin, S.V. ; Laukhin, I.V. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Poroshin, N.O. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Telkushev, M.V. ; Chernyshev, B.A.
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A search for deeply bound pionic states of xenon produced in the Xe-136(d, He-3)Xe-135(pi-bound) reaction / Bargholtz, C. ; Chernyshev, B.A. ; Geren, L. ; Grebenev, V.N. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Hoistad, B. ; Laukhin, I.V. ; Lindberg, K. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Shafigullin, R.R. ; et al
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Study of spectrometer parameters for searching for xenon pionic atoms / Grebenev, V.N. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Gusev, K.N. ; Katulina, S.L. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Chernyshev, B.A. ; Shafigullin, R.R. ; Yurkovski, Ya. [JINR-P13-2003-117]
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The formation of the superheavy hydrogen isotope H-6 in the absorption of stopped pi- mesons by nuclei / Gurov, Yu.B. ; Aleshkin, D.V. ; Lapushkin, S.V. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Panin, A.V. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Poroshin, N.O. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Telkushev, M.V. ; Chernyshev, B.A.
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Search for deeply bound pionic atoms with high purity germanium tagging spectrometer / Chernyshev, B.A. ; Dovgun, S.V. ; Gornov, M.G. ; Grebenev, V.N. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Katulina, S.L. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Shafigullin, R.R. [JINR-E13-94-198]
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Evidence for virtual Delta++ knockout from Be-9 by 1-GeV protons / Amelin, A.I. ; Behr, M.N. ; Chernyshev, B.A. ; Gornov, M.G. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Lapushkin, S.V. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Shafigullin, R.R. ; Shurenkova, T.D. ; et al
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Study of threshold effects, hadronic resonances and rare meson decays at ITEP accelerator storage ring / Afonasev, V.N. ; Akimov, D.Yu. ; Alekseev, N.N. ; Belyaev, I.M. ; Besfamilnov, S.V. ; Bobchenko, B.M. ; Bogdanov, V.A. ; Bolozdynya, A.I. ; Bolshakov, A.E. ; Borisov, V.S. ; et al
Search for superheavy hydrogen isotopes and multi - neutrons in pi- absorption on Be-9 / Gornov, M.G. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Savelev, V.I. ; Sergeev, F.M. ; Chernyshev, B.A. ; Shafigullin, R.R. ; Shishkov, A.V. ; Koptev, V.P. ; et al
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
Production of ultraheavy hydrogen isotopes in absorption of pi- mesons by Li-6, Li-7 nuclei / Amelin, A.I. ; Gornov, M.G. ; Gorov, Yu.B. ; Ilin, A.I. ; Koptev, V.P. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Oganesian, K.O. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Savelev, V.I. ; Sergeev, F.M. ; et al
External links: ADSABS JTPLA
FORMATION OF CHARGED PARTICLES AFTER ABSORPTION OF STOPPED pi- IN Si-28 / Gornov, M.G. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Koptev, V.P. ; Kruglov, S.P. ; Makarov, M.M. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Mashnik, S.G. ; Oganesian, K.O. ; Osipenko, B.P. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; et al [LENINGRAD-85-1116]
Search for deeply bound pionic atoms with high-purity germanium tagging spectrometer / Chernyshev, B A ; Dovgun, S V ; Gornov, M G ; Grebenev, V N ; Gurov, Yu B ; Katulina, S L ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Shafigullin, R R [JINR-E13-94-198]
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1 Chernyshev, B A
6 Chernyshev, B.
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