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Computation of single-cell superconducting niobium cavity for accelerator of electrons and positrons / Azaryan, N.S. ; Baturitsky, M.A. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Glagolev, V.V. ; Demin, D.L. ; Kizhlai, I.N. ; Kolosov, S.V. ; Kuraev, A.A. ; Popkova, T.L. ; Rak, A.O. ; et al
Observation of Specific Features of Laser Beam Propagation in Air with Standing Acoustic Waves , / V. Yu. Batusov ; Yu. A. Budagov ; M. V. Lyablin ; and A. N. Sissakian
15th International Conference on High-energy Physics / Shelest, V P ; Budagov, Yu A ; Jenkovszky, L L ; Komar, A A ; Kukhtin, V
PRODUCTION OF STRANGE PARTICLES IN pi- p INTERACTIONS AT 5-GeV/c. 2. INVESTIGATION OF PROPERTIES OF MULTIPLE PRODUCTION OF CHARGED AND NEUTRAL MESONS IN pi- p INTERACTIONS ACCOMPANIED BY STRANGE PARTICLES / Budagov, Yu.A. ; Vinogradov, V.B. ; Volodko, A.G. ; Gulkanian, G.R. ; Karamian, Zh.K. ; Kirakosian, Z.A. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Shandor, L. ; Chiladze, B.G. [JINR-P1-11481]
ASSOCIATED MULTIPLICITY IN THE REACTION pi- p ---> pi0 X AT 5-GeV/c / Amaglobeli, N.S. ; Antos, J. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Chiladze, B.G. ; Dubinski, J. ; Dzhelepov, V.P. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Kharzheev, Yu.N. ; Kurilin, A.S. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; et al [JINR-E1-11534]
On the LHC observation of gluinos from the Egret-preferred region / Bednyakov, V.A. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Gladyshev, A.V. ; Kazakov, D.I. ; Khramov, E.V. ; Khubua, D.I.
ATLAS hadron tile calorimeter: Experience in prototype construction and module mass production / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Kulchitsky, Yu.A. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Nessi, M. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; Topilin, N.D. ; Khubua, D.I.
External link: PPNUE e-proceeding
Development and application of high-precision metrology for the ATLAS tile-calorimeter construction. (Pre-assembly experience and lessons) / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; Topilin, N.D. ; Gayde, J.C. ; Henriques Correia, A. ; Lasseur, C. ; et al [JINR-E13-2004-177]
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The PRESHOWER: A new multichannel detector for the CDF. The scintillator plates of the new detector: Design, production, quality control / Artikov, A.M. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Danilov, V.I. ; Grinyov, B.V. ; Lebedev, V.I. ; Senchishin, V.G. ; Chokheli, D.Sh. [JINR-P13-2005-27]
External link: DUBNA2
Electron and pion calibrations of the ATLAS TILECAL modules. (September 2001 test beam) / Budagov, Yu.A. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Kulchitsky, Yu.A. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Vinogradov, V.B. ; Stanek, R. [JINR-E1-2003-22]
External link: DUBNA
Development of laser measurements at the ATLAS tile calorimeter module production / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Khubua, Zh.I. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Topilin, N.D. [JINR-E13-2001-257]
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External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext
ATLAS Barrel hadron tile calorimeter: Spacers plates mass production / Artikov, A.M. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Khubua, Z. ; Lebedev, A.I. ; Lyablin, M.V. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Rusakovich, N.A. ; Shabalin, D.E. ; Shchelchkov, A.S. ; Sisakian, A.N. ; et al [JINR-E1-99-79]
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The measurement of the vector form-factor slope lambda(+) for the K+ --> pi0 e+ nu decay / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Vinogradov, V.B. ; Glagolev, V.V. ; Doroshenko, M.Yu. ; Davydov, Yuri I. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; Malyukov, S.N. ; Minashvili, I.A. ; Pukhov, O.E. ; et al [JINR-P1-99-293]
Measurement of the Dalitz plot slope parameters for K+ --> pi+ pi0 pi0 decay / Batusov, V.Yu. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Chirikov-Zorin, I.E. ; Chlachidze, G.A. ; Davydov, Yuri I. ; Dzhincharadze, D.G. ; Flyagin, Vladimir B. ; Glagolev, V.V. ; Liba, I.P. ; Lomakin, Yu.F. ; et al
External links: PDGLIV SCIDIR e-proceeding
Influence of inhomogeneities in scintillating fibre electromagnetic calorimeter on its energy resolution / Stavina, P. ; Tokar, S. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Chirikov-Zorin, I. ; Pantea, D.

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55 Budagov, Yu.
137 Budagov, Yu.A.
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2 Budagov, Yulian A.
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