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EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF MUON CATALYZED t + t FUSION / L. N. Bogdanova ; V. R. Bom ; A. M. Demin ; D. L. Demin ; C.W. E. van Eijk ; S. V. Filchagin ; V. V. Filchenkov ; N. N. Grafov ; S. K. Grishechkin ; K. I. Gritsaj ; et al [JINR-E15-2008-99]
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Search for the radiative capture d + d ---> ${}^4He + \gamma$ reaction from the d d $\mu$ muonic molecule state / Bogdanova, L.N. ; Bom, V.R. ; Demin, D.L. ; van Eijk, C.W.E. ; Filchenkov, V.V. ; Grafov, N.N. ; Grebinnik, V.G. ; Gritsaj, K.I. ; Konin, A.D. ; Kuryakin, A.V. ; et al [nucl-ex/0203005JINR-E15-2001-264]
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Experimental Investigation of MuonCatalyzed $dt$ Fusion in Wide Ranges of $D/T$ Mixture Conditions / Bom, V R ; Demin, A M ; Demin, D L ; van Eijk, C W E ; Faifman, M P ; Filchenkov, V V ; Golubkov, A N ; Grafov, N N ; Grishenchkin, S K ; Gritsaj, K I ; et al [E152004132] [JINRE152004132]
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Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the dd$\mu$ Molecule Formation Rate in Dense Deuterium at Temperatures 85-790 K / Bom, V R ; Demin, D L ; van Eijk, C W E ; Filchenkov, V V ; Grafov, N N ; Grebinnik, V G ; Gritsaj, K I ; Konin, A D ; Kuryakin, A V ; Nazarov, V A ; et al [E15-2002-157] [JINR-E15-2002-157]
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1 Bom, V.R.
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