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Newton Potential in General Relativity in a Finite Volume / I.V. Amirkhanov ; B.M. Barbashov ; A.A. Gusev ; V.N. ; Pervushin ; S.A. Shuvalov ; S.I. Vinitsky ; A.F. Zakharov ; V.A. ; Zinchuk
Investigation of Thermal Processes in One- and Two Layer Materials under Irradiation with High-Energy Heavy Ions within the Thermal Peak Model. / I.V. Amirkhanov ; A.Yu. Didyk ; D.Z. Muzafarov ; I.V.Puzynin ; T.P. Puzynina ; N.R. Sarkar ; I. Sarkhadov ; Z.A. Sharipov
The use of thermal peak model for temperature calculation in two layer structures along the projected range of high-energy heavy ion / Amirkhanov, I.V. [JINR-P11-2005-83]
External link: DUBNA
Investigation of solutions of boundary value singular perturbated problem for Schroedinger equation of 4th order / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Konnova, S.V. ; Zhidkov, E.P. [JINR-P11-2000-154]
External link: FERMILABOTHER1
Toward the quantum design of multichannel systems - The inverse problem approach / Chabanov, V.M. ; Zakhariev, B.N. ; Amirkhanov, I.V.
The generalized continuous analog of Newton's method for the numerical study of some nonlinear quantum-field models / Puzynin, I.V. ; Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Zemlyanaya, E.V. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Puzynina, T.P. ; Strizh, T.A. ; Lakhno, V.D.
External links: ADSABS DOI PPNUE PPNUE1 e-proceeding
Numerical solution of two-body relativistic equations for the bound state problem with Coulomb and linear potentials / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Zemlyanaya, E.V. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Puzynina, T.P. ; Strizh, T.A. [JINR-P11-99-159]
Simulation of thermoelastic effects in the ion treatment of metals / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Samoilov, V.N. ; Fedyanin, V.K. ; Kholmurodov, Kh.T. [JINR-P2-98-63]
A model of interaction of thermoelastic strength pulses in metals under the influence of periodic ion sources / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Samoilov, V.N. ; Fedyanin, V.K. ; Kholmurodov, Kh.T. [JINR-P2-98-201]
On Some questions of theory of the acoustic laser / Zavtrak, S.T. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Zeinalova, O.V. ; Zeinalov, Sh.S. [JINR-E11-97-358]
Dynamics of nonadiabatic charged particles in the magnetic dipole field with imposed homogeneous magnetic field / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Dzyuba, Yu.G. ; Zhidkov, E.P. ; Ilina, A.N. ; Ilin, I.V. ; Ilin, V.D. [JINR-P10-94-105]
The Mass spectrum and decay constants of leptonic decays of pseudoscalar mesons and their radial excitation within QCD motivated potential model with harmonic oscillator / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Nasyrov, T.Z. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Sarikov, N.A. [JINR-P4-94-406]
The Masses and leptonic decay constants of mesons and their radially excited states of the QCD inspired potential model / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Nasyrov, T.Z. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Sarikov, N.A. [JINR-P4-94-452]
Numerical investigation of Schwinger-Dyson and Bethe-Salpeter equations with Gauss and oscillator potentials in the framework of the quarkonium model / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Puzynina, T.P. ; Sarikov, N.A. ; Strizh, T.A. ; Zemlyanaya, E.V. [JINR-E11-94-509]
Some nonlinear problems in the nonlinear field models / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Puzynin, I.V. ; Puzynina, T.P. ; Strizh, T.A. ; Zemlyanaya, E.V.

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