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q -Fractional Calculus and Equations / Annaby, Mahmoud H. ; Mansour, Zeinab S.
This nine-chapter monograph introduces a rigorous investigation of q-difference operators in standard and fractional settings. [...]
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An Introduction to Non-Abelian Discrete Symmetries for Particle Physicists / Ishimori, Hajime. ; Kobayashi, Tatsuo. ; Ohki, Hiroshi. ; Okada, Hiroshi. ; et al
These lecture notes provide a tutorial review of non-Abelian discrete groups and show some applications to issues in physics where discrete symmetries constitute an important principle for model building in particle physics. [...]
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Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar 2006–2010 / / Klartag, Bo'az. ; Mendelson, Shahar. ; Milman, Vitali D.
This collection of original papers related to the Israeli GAFA seminar (on Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis) from the years 2006 to 2011 continues the long tradition of the previous volumes, which reflect the general trends of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, understood in a broad sense, and are a source of inspiration for new research. [...]
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Coulomb Frames in the Normal Bundle of Surfaces in Euclidean Spaces: Topics from Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis of Surfaces / / Fröhlich, Steffen.
This book is intended for advanced students and young researchers interested in the analysis of partial differential equations and differential geometry. [...]
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A1-Algebraic Topology over a Field / Morel, Fabien.
This text deals with A<sup>1</sup>-homotopy theory over a base field, i.e., with the natural homotopy theory associated to the category of smooth varieties over a field in which the affine line is imposed to be contractible. [...]
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Quantum Many Body Systems: Cetraro, Italy 2010, Editors: Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Jakob Yngvason / / Rivasseau, Vincent. ; Seiringer, Robert. ; Solovej, Jan Philip. ; Spencer, Thomas.
The book is based on the lectures given at the CIME school "Quantum many body systems" held in the summer of 2010. [...]
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An Introduction to Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Surface Reactions / Jansen, A.P.J.
Kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) simulations still represent a quite new area of research, with a rapidly growing number of publications. [...]
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Ten Physical Applications of Spectral Zeta Functions; 2nd ed. 2012. / Elizalde, Emilio.
Zeta-function regularization is a powerful method in perturbation theory. [...]
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Degenerate Nonlinear Diffusion Equations / Favini, Angelo. ; Marinoschi, Gabriela.
The aim of these notes is to include in a uniform presentation style several topics related to the theory of degenerate nonlinear diffusion equations, treated in the mathematical framework of evolution equations with multivalued m-accretive operators in Hilbert spaces. [...]
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Conformal Invariance: an Introduction to Loops, Interfaces and Stochastic Loewner Evolution / Henkel, Malte. ; Karevski, Dragi.
Conformal invariance has been a spectacularly successful tool in advancing our understanding of the two-dimensional phase transitions found in classical systems at equilibrium. [...]
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Control of Partial Differential Equations: Cetraro, Italy 2010, Editors: Piermarco Cannarsa, Jean-Michel Coron / / Alabau-Boussouira, Fatiha. ; Brockett, Roger. ; Glass, Olivier. ; Le Rousseau, Jérôme. ; et al
The term “control theory” refers to the body of results - theoretical, numerical and algorithmic - which have been developed to influence the evolution of the state of a given system in order to meet a prescribed performance criterion. [...]
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Almost Periodic Solutions of Impulsive Differential Equations / Stamov, Gani T.
Impulsive differential equations are suitable for the mathematical simulation of evolutionary processes in which the parameters undergo relatively long periods of smooth variation followed by short-term rapid changes (that is, jumps) in their values. [...]
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Séminaire de Probabilités XLIV / Donati-Martin, Catherine. ; Lejay, Antoine. ; Rouault, Alain.
As usual, some of the contributions to this 44th Séminaire de Probabilités were presented during the Journées de Probabilités held in Dijon in June 2010. [...]
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Renormalization Group and Effective Field Theory Approaches to Many-Body Systems / Schwenk, Achim. ; Polonyi, Janos.
There have been many recent and important developments based on effective field theory and the renormalization group in atomic, condensed matter, nuclear and high-energy physics. [...]
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Regularity Estimates for Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems: Cetraro, Italy 2009 <P>Editors: Ugo Gianazza, John Lewis</P> / / Lewis, John. ; Lindqvist, Peter. ; Manfredi, Juan J. ; Salsa, Sandro.
The issue of regularity has played a central role in the theory of Partial Differential Equations almost since its inception, and despite the tremendous advances made it still remains a very fruitful research field. [...]
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