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Three encounters with Kurchatov / Tyapkin, A. A. [ (2004h:01033b)]
Behavior of the solution of a nonlinear problem of magnetostatics in a neighborhood of a corner point of a ferromagnet / Zhidkov, E. P. ; Perepelkin, E. E. [ (2004h:78009)]
An estimate for the accuracy of a numerical solution of the spectral problem with an operator that depends on the eigenvalue / Zhidkov, E. P. ; Skachkov, N. B. ; Solov{\cprime}eva, T. M. []
Exotic asymptotics for a linear hyperbolic equation / Serdyukova, S. I. [ (2004e:35138)]
The Coulomb problem in a one-dimensional space of constant positive curvature / Mardoyan, L. G. ; Pogosyan, G. S. ; Sisakyan, A. N. [ (2004j:81046)]
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A new hypergeometric representation of one-loop scalar integrals in $d$ dimensions / Fleischer, J. ; Jegerlehner, F. ; Tarasov, O. V. [ (2004h:81100)]
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Quantum mechanics in a Riemannian space: a comparison of different approaches to the quantization of geodesic motion / Tagirov, {\`E}. A. [ (2005c:81112)]
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Asymptotics of eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of a singularly perturbed relativistic analogue of the Schr\"odinger equation with an arbitrary potential / Amirkhanov, I. V. ; Zhidkov, E. P. ; Zhidkova, I. E. ; Vasil{\cprime}ev, S. A. [ (2004m:81076)]
The structure of regular solutions of the three-particle Schr\"odinger equation near a double collision point / Pupyshev, V. V. [ (2005d:81123)]
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Implementation of the FGLM algorithm and the determination of the roots of polynomial involutive systems / Gerdt, V. P. ; Yanovich, D. A. []
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An improved Kolchin-Ritt algorithm / Karra-Ferro, Dzh. ; Gerdt, V. P. [ (2004g:68201)]
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Continuum limits of Berenstein-Maldacena-Nastase matrix theory: where is the (non-abelian) gauge group? / Sochichiu, Corneliu [ (2004j:81119)]
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Effective space quantization in Friedmann-Robertson-Walker models / Tagirov, E. A. [ (2005a:83049)]
Self-similarity and singularity formation in a coupled system of Yang-Mills-dilaton evolution equations / Donets, E. E. ; Streltsova, O. I. ; Boyadjiev, T. L. []
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The Langevin equation with scale-dependent noise / Alta{\u\i}ski{\u\i}, M. V. []
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