Preprint / Accelerators and Storage Rings JINR-P9-2003-121 P9-2003-121

Upgrading of IC-100 Cycle Implantator

Gikal, B N ; Gulbekyan, G G ; Dmitriev, S N ; Bogomolov, S L ; Bashevoy, V V ; Bekhterev, V V ; Borisov, O N ; Efremov, A A ; Ivanenko, I A ; Kazarinov, N ; Kazacha, V I ; Kolesov, I V ; Mironov, V I ; Melnikov, V N ; Tikhomirov, A V

Pages: 18 p
Year: 2003

Abstract: The description of main upgraded systems of the IC-100 cycle implantator is given in this work. In the new variant the cyclotron will have an outside ion source with superconducting windings. The channel of the axial beam injection has been worked up. The analysis of conditions for ^{85}Kr^{15+} ion acceleration by 4th accelerating voltage mode in the cyclotron centre has been carried out. The ion injection from the axial channel into the acceleration region is realized with the help of a spiral electrostatic inflector. The beam extraction from the cyclotron chamber is carried out by means of an electrostatic deflector placed in the valley at the azimuth theta = 39-67^\circ. The ion transportation from the extraction point to the target is carried out with the help of two quadrupoles. The placement of the beam scanning system is foreseen in the channel of the extracted beam transportation. It allows one to implantate heavy ions into the target, having an area of 600\times 300 mm, with highly uniform density. The description of the implantator vacuum system is also given. The ion beam has the following main parameters in the IC-100 implantator: the range of the accelerated ions (A/Z) is 5.3-6.0; the ion energy is equal to 1.0-1.25 MeV/nucleon; the intensity of the extracted ion beam is not less than 10^{12} pps (\sim 2.5 {mu}A)

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