Preprint / Condensed Matter JINR-P14-2003-201 P14-2003-201

Investigation of the Mechanisms for Ionization of the Aluminium Acceptor Impurity in Silicon

Mamedov, T N ; Andrianov, D G ; Gerlah, D ; Gorelkin, V N ; Stoikov, A V ; Zimmermann, U

Published in: Pis'ma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz.
Pages: 8 p
Year: 2003

Abstract: The work is aimed to study the processes of ionization of shallow acceptor centres in silicon. Impurity atoms of _{\mu}Al in crystalline silicon samples with phosphorus (1.6\cdot 10^{13}, 2.7\cdot 10^{13} and 2.3\cdot 10^{15} cm^{-3}) and boron (1.3\cdot 10^{15} cm^{-3}) impurities were created via implantation of negative muons. The polarization of muons was studied in a magnetic field of 0.25 T transverse to the direction of the muon spin in the temperature range 10-300 K. Both in p-type silicon and in n-type silicon with impurity concentration \lesssim 10^{15} cm^{-3} the dominant mechanism for ionization of Al acceptor impurity at T > 45 K was proved to be thermal ionization. The rate for thermal ionization of aluminium acceptor in silicon varies from \sim 10^{5} to \sim 10^{6} s^{-1} in the temperature range 45-55 K.

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