Preprint / Nuclear Physics JINR-P6-2003-76 P6-2003-76

Determination of a Thorium Content in Soil Samples by Means of Gamma-Activation Analysis and X-Ray Spectrometry

Maslov, O D ; Molokanova, L G ; Gustova, M V ; Dmitriev, S N

Pages: 6 p
Year: 2003

Abstract: A highly sensitive method based on the reaction ^{232}Th(\gamma, n)^{231}Th (T_{1/2} = 25.5 h) is developed for determining thorium in soil and environmental samples with a thorium content at a level of 3x10^{-7} g/g. Samples were irradiated for 4 hours with a maximum photon energy of 24.5 MeV at a compact electron accelerator - the MT-25 microtron of FLNR, JINR. The average electron current was about 15 {\mu}A. The irradiated samples were tested using an X-ray spectrometer with a Si(Li) detector and a resolution of 200 eV (Fe_{K\alpha} - 6.4 keV).

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