Published Article / Nuclear Physics JINR-E2-2002-252 nucl-th/0303034

Pion damping width from SU(2) x SU(2) NJL model

Blaschke, David B ; Volkov, M K ; Yudichev, V L

Published in: Phys. At. Nucl.
Year: 2003
Vol.: 66
Page No: 2233-2237
Pages: 13 p
Year: 2003

Abstract: Within the framework of the NJL model, we investigate the modification of the pion damping width in a hot pion gas for temperatures ranging from 0 to 180 MeV. The pion is found to broaden noticeably at T > 60 MeV. Near the chiral phase transition T ~ 180 MeV, the pion width is saturated and amounts to 70 MeV. The main contribution to the width comes from pion-pion collisions. Other contributions are found negligibly small.

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