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System for Automation of experiments on Neutron Fourier Diffractometer FSD

Bogdzel, A A ; Bokuchava, G D ; Butenko, V A ; Drozdov, V A ; Zhuravlev, V V ; Kuzmin, E S ; Levchanovsky, F V ; Pole, A V ; Prikhodko, V I ; Sirotin, A P

Pages: 10 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: The report presents a description of the system for the automation of experiments on the Fourier neutron diffractometer FSD at the reactor IBR2 in FLNR JINR. The system is a complex of hard and software that enables necessary control of experiments and data acquisition and includes detector electronics, electronics and instruments in sample environment, device for control of fast Fourier chopper of neutron beam, electronics for measurement and acquisition of low and highresolution spectra, software for control of spectrometers and automation of experiments. The description and characteristics of basic blocks together with characteristics of the specialpurpose software are also provided.

Language: rus

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