Preprint / Chemical Physics and Chemistry JINRP122004193 P122004193

Production of $^{237}$U in the $^{238}$U ($\gamma, n$) photonuclear reaction at the electron accelerator MT25 microtron

Sabelnikov, A V ; Maslov, O D ; Gustova, M V ; Belov, A G ; Dmitriev, S N

Pages: 8 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: $^{237}$U was obtained in the $^{238}$U($\gamma, n$) reaction at the electron accelerator MT25 microtron of the FLNR of the JINR. The $^{237}$U radiation yield under experimental conditions amounted to 1 kBq/$\mu $A$\cdot $h$\cdot$mg $^{238}$U. Capture of recoil atoms in a solidsolid system was used for isolation of $^{237}$U from the target material. Fluorides of chemical elements from IIII series of the Periodic Table of the Elements were used as $^{237}$U acceptors. The $^{237}$U isolation from radioactive impurities was realized by means of extraction and ion exchange. Specific activity of the $^{237}$U preparation was equal to 49500 kBq/mg $^{238}$U. The radioactive impurity content did not exceed 10$^{6}$ Bq/Bq. The $^{237}$U chemical yield amounted to 70{\%}.

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