Preprint / Chemical Physics and Chemistry JINRP122004209 P122004209

Production of $^{225}$Ac in the $^{226}$Ra($\gamma,n$) Photonuclear Reaction at the Electron Accelerator MT25 Microtron

Maslov, O D ; Dmitriev, S N ; Sabelnikov, A V

Pages: 6 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: $^{225}$Ac was obtained in the $^{226}$Ra($\gamma,n$) reaction at the electron accelerator MT25 microtron of the LNR. The $^{225}$Ac radiation yield under experimental conditions amounted to 550 Bq/\muA\cdot h\cdot mg $^{226}$Ra. The $^{225}$Ac isolation from the target material and other radioactive impurities was realized by means of ion exchange. The ratio $^{225}$Ac/$^{227}$??/$^{226}$Ra was estimated equal to $1/\cong 2\cdot 10^{9}/\leqslant 6\cdot 10^{5}$ Bq/Bq.

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