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Experimental Grounds of the Necessity to Improve Model Notions of the Complex Nuclei Compound State Cascade gammaDecay

Sukhovoj, A M ; Khitrov, V A ; Li Chol

Published in: Yad. Fiz.
Pages: 24 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: Analysis of the complete data set of the intensities of twostep gammacascade studied at thermal neutron capture in more than 50 nuclei from the region 27\leq A \leq 199 points to the necessity to complicate essentially the model notions about this process used by experimenters. More precise models of such a set of parameters as the density of excited levels and radiative strength functions of dipole gammatransitions according to these results should take into account coexistence and interaction of excitations of quasiparticle and phonon type in a more explicit form right up to a direct inclusion of notions about the existence and influence of the secondorder phase transition not only on the value of level density but also on the values of radiative strength functions of dipole transition. Primarily, these conclusions are true for the region of excitation energies lower than \approx 0.5 B_n.

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