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Investigation of the Boron Acceptor Impurity in Synthetic Diamond by the \mu^{}SRmethod

Mamedov, T N ; Dutov, A G ; Herlach, D ; Gorelkin, V N ; Gritsaj, K I ; Zhukov, V A ; Stoikov, A V ; Shipilo, V B ; Zimmermann, U

Pages: 4 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: The primary results in the investigation of boron acceptor centers in synthetic diamond by the \mu^{}SRmethod are presented. Atoms of _{\mu}B acceptor impurity in the sample were created by implantation of negative muons. The polarization of muons was studied in a magnetic field of 2.5 kGs transverse to the direction of the muon spin in the temperature range 4.2300 K. It was found that _{\mu}B acceptor in diamond exists in both diamagnetic (ionized) and paramagnetic states. The fraction of the diamagnetic state increases nonmonotonously as the temperature increases.

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