Preprint / Nuclear Physics E152004132 JINRE152004132

Experimental Investigation of MuonCatalyzed $dt$ Fusion in Wide Ranges of $D/T$ Mixture Conditions

Bom, V R ; Demin, A M ; Demin, D L ; van Eijk, C W E ; Faifman, M P ; Filchenkov, V V ; Golubkov, A N ; Grafov, N N ; Grishenchkin, S K ; Gritsaj, K I ; Klevtsov, V G ; Konin, A D ; Kuryakin, A V ; Medved', S V ; Musyaev, R K ; Perevozchikov, V V ; Rudenko, A I ; Sadetsky, S M ; Vinogradov, Yu I ; Yukhimchuk, A A ; Yukhimchuk, S A ; Zinov, V G ; Zlatoustovskii, S V

Pages: 39 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: A vast program of the experimental investigation of muoncatalyzed $dt$ fusion was performed at the JINR Phasotron. Parameters of the $dt$ cycle were obtained in a wide range of $D/T$ mixture conditions: temperatures of $20\div 800$ K, densities of $0.2\div1.2$ LHD and tritium concentrations of $15\div 86\%$. The results obtained are summarized.

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