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Measurement of H$^{}$ Beam Emittance in Axial Injection Channel of DC72 Cyclotron

Kazarinov, N ; Kazacha, V I ; Kalagin, I V ; Aleinikov, V V ; Krylov, A I

Pages: 10 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: A method of measuring the ion beam transversal emittance in the axial injection channel of DC72 cyclotron is given. It is based on the gradient method using the standard rotating wire scanner for measurement of the transversal ion beam dimensions. This method was worked out for ion beam currents up to 1000 $\mu$A and allows one to reconstruct emittance with an accuracy about 30{\%}. The method takes into account the ion beam selfcharge, which is essential. It is not always a success to obtain an axialsymmetric ion beam in experiments. Therefore, a new experimental data processing method of measuring the transversal emittance for a nonaxialsymmetric ion beam was suggested. The formulae for determination of the RMS dispersions of the ion beam dimensions in the rotating coordinate system by signals from the scanner wire are given. The measurements of the RMS emittances $\varepsilon

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