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Multiparticle Production Process in $pp$ Interaction with High Multiplicity at E_p=70 GeV. Proposal "Termalization"

Avdeichikov, V V ; Aleev, A I ; Balandin, V P ; Vasendina, V A ; Zhidkov, N K ; Zolin, L S ; Zulkarneev, R Ya ; Kireev, V I ; Kosarev, I G ; Kuzmin, N A ; Kuraev, E A ; Mandjavidze, I D ; Nikitin, V A ; Petukhov, Yu P ; Peshekhonov, V D ; Rufanov, I A ; Susakian, A N ; Yukaev, A I ; Basiladze, Sergei G ; Volkov, V Yu ; Ermolov, P F ; Kramarenko, V A ; Kubarovskii, A V ; Leflat, A K ; Merkin, M M ; Popov, V V ; Tikhonova, L A ; Anikeev, A N ; Vasilchenko, V G ; Vorobev, A P ; Lapshin, V G ; Maiorov, S V ; Melnik, Yu M ; Meshchanin, A P ; Ryadovikov, V N ; Kholodenko, A G ; Tsyupa, Yu P ; Chikilev, O G ; Yakutin, A E ; Dremin, I M ; Kokoulina, E S ; Pankov, A A ; Kuvshinov, V I

Pages: 45 p
Year: 2004

Abstract: The goal of the proposed experiment is the investigation of the collective behaviour of particles in the process of multiple hadron production in the $pp$ interaction $pp\to n_\pi\pi+2N$ at the beam energy $E_{\rm lab}=70$ GeV. The domain of high multiplicity $n_\pi=20{}35$ or $z=n/\bar n=3{}5$ will be studied. Near the threshold of the reaction $n_\pi\to 69$, all particles get a small relative momentum. As a consequence of the multiboson interference a number of collective effects may occur. In particular, drastic increase of the partial cross section $\sigma(n)$ of the $n$ identical particles production, as compared with commonly accepted extrapolation, and increase of the rate of direct photons are expected. The experiment is carried out on the modernized installation SVD, a spectrometer with a vertex detector which is supplied with a trigger system for registration of rare events with high multiplicity, on extracted proton beam of the IHEP (Protvino) 70 GeV accelerator. Required beam intensity is $\sim 10^7$ s$^{1}$. Assuming the partial cross section $\sigma (n_\pi=30)=0.2$ $\mu$b, we expect a counting rate of $10^2$ events per hour. The multiboson BEC enhancement may drastically increase the counting rate.

Language: rus

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