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Composite Particles in Medium - Effects of Substructure

Liebing, S. (T.U. Bergakademie Freiberg) ; Blaschke, D. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.)

Published in: Acta Phys.Polon.Supp.
Year: 2017
Vol.: 10
Page No: 921
Pages: 3
Year: 2017 published

Abstract: The role of phase-space occupation effects for the formation of two- and three-particle bound states in a dense medium is investigated for systems with short-range interactions. While for two-fermion bound states due to the Pauli blocking in a dense medium the binding energy is reduced and vanishes at a critical density (Mott effect), for three-fermion bound states, it is shown to be nonzero and positive. Therefore, beyond the Mott density of the two-fermion bound state, three-fermion bound states can exist in a medium and, therefore, be denoted as the in-medium Borromean states.

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DOI: 10.5506/APhysPolBSupp.10.921
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