Preprint / Detectors and Experimental Techniques E13-2005-12 JINR-E13-2005-12

PAC Spectrometer for Condensed Matter Investigation

Brudanin, V B ; Filossofov, D V ; Kochetov, O I ; Korolev, N A ; Milanov, M ; Ostrovsky, I V ; Pavlov, V N ; Salamatin, A V ; Timkin, V V ; Velichkov, A I ; Fomicheva, L N ; Tsvyaschenko, A V ; Akselrod, Z Z

Published in: Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A
Pages: 15 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: A four-detector spectrometer of perturbed angular $\gamma \gamma $ correlations is developed for investigation of hyperfine interactions in condensed matter. It allows measurements with practically any types of detectors. A unique circuit design involving a specially developed Master PAC unit combined with a computer allows a substantially higher efficiency, reduced setup time and simpler operation in comparison with traditional PAC spectrometers. A cryostat and a high-temperature oven allow measurements in the temperature range from 120 to 1300 K. An encased electromagnet makes it possible to generate a magnetic field up to 2 T on a sample. The measurement system includes a press with a specially designed high-pressure chamber allowing on-line PAC measurements in samples under pressure up to 60 GPa.

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