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New results from the Mainz Neutrino Mass Experiment and Perspective of a new Large Tritium-$\beta$-Spectrometer

Bonn, J.B. (Mainz U.) ; Bornschein, B. (Mainz U.) ; Bornschein, L. (Mainz U.) ; Fickinger, L. (Mainz U.) ; Kazachenko, O. (Troitsk, INR) ; Kovalik, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kraus, Ch. (Mainz U.) ; Otten, E.W. (Mainz U.) ; Ulrich, H. (Mainz U.) ; Weinheimer, Ch. (Mainz U.)
The Gioi

Page No: 51-56
Pages: 6
Year: Hanoi 2001 The Gioi

Abstract: The Mainz neutrino mass experiment investigates the endpoint region of the tritium $\beta$ decay spectrum to determine the mass of the electron antineutrino. By the recent upgrade the former problem of dewetting $T_2$ films has been solved and the signal-to-background-ratio was improved by a factor of 10. The latest measurement leads to $m^2_v = -1.1 ± 2.6_{stat} ± 1.8_{sys} eV^2 /c^4$ (preliminary), which corresponds to an upper limit of $m_v < 2.3 eV/c^2 (95% C.L.)$ ( preluninary) Some indication for the anomaly, reported by the Troitsk group, was found, but it' postulated half year period is contradicted by our data. The perspectives of a new Large Tritium-$\beta$-Spectrometer to reach sub eV sensitivity will be presented.

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