Preprint / Particle Physics - Experiment E1-2005-64 JINR-E1-2005-64

Proposal on the Measurements of $d-p$ Elastic Scattering Analyzing Powers at 0.3-2.0 GeV at Internal Target Station of the Nuclotron

Uesaka, T ; Azhgirey, L S ; Gurchin, Yu V ; Isupov, A Yu ; Itoh, K ; Janek, M ; Karachuk, J T ; Kawabata, T ; Khrenov, A N ; Kiselev, A S ; Kizka, V ; Kliman, J ; Krasnov, V A ; Livanov, A N ; Maeda, Y ; Malakhov, A I ; Matoucek, V ; Morhac, M ; Nedev, S ; Rangelov, S ; Reznikov, S G ; Sakaguchi, S ; Sakai, H ; Sasamoto, Y ; Sekiguchi, K ; Suda, K ; Turz?, I ; Vasiliev, T A ; Wakui, T

Published in: Part. Nucl. Lett.
Pages: 12 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: A new high-energy beam polarimeter is proposed for the Nuclotron using Internal Target Station. This polarimeter based on the measurement of the asymmetry for the $d-p$ elastic scattering will allow one to measure both vector and tensor components of the deuteron beam polarization simultaneously. For that purpose the measurement of analyzing powers for the $d$--$p$ elastic scattering at energies $T_d$ = 0.88--2 GeV is proposed. The precise measurements of the deuteron analyzing powers over energy range $T_{d}$ = 300-2000 MeV can give an irreplaceable clue on the study of spin-dependence of three-nucleon forces.

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