Preprint / Detectors and Experimental Techniques E13-2005-69 JINR-E13-2005-69

Confocal Scanning Microscope for Nuclear Photoemulsion

Batusov, Yu A ; Kovaliev, Yu S ; Soroko, L M

Published in: Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A
Pages: 7 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: The application of the confocal scanning microscope to the objects in the nuclear photoemulsion is described. An array of 27 microtomograms of {\it single} silver grain is shown. The cross sections of the same particle track of diameter 1 $\mu$m, detected by means of the confocal scanning microscope with open and annular apertures, are presented. It was shown that the confocal scanning microscope opens indeed new opportunities for the nuclear photoemulsion technique to get previously inaccessible information for physics of the short-living particles.

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