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Associative Production of $\phi$ Mesons and Neutral Kaons in the EXCHARM Experiment

Aleev, A N ; Amaglobeli, N S ; Balandin, V P ; Balev, S ; Bulekov, O I ; Emelianov, D D ; Eremin, S V ; Geshkov, I M ; Goudzovski, E A ; Ivanchenko, I M ; Kapishin, M N ; Kekelidze, V D ; Kosarev, I G ; Kozhenkova, Z I ; Kuzmin, N A ; Kvatadze, R A ; Ljubimov, A L ; Loktionov, A A ; Madigozhin, D T ; Mazny, V G ; Mestvirishvili, A S ; Mitsyn, V V ; Molokanova, N A ; Morozov, A N ; Pismenyj, R E ; Polansky, A ; Polenkevich, I A ; Ponosov, A K ; Potrebenikov, Yu K ; Sergeev, F M ; Shkarovsky, S N ; Slepets, L A ; Spaskov, V N ; Zinchenko, A I

Published in: Yad. Fiz.
Pages: 19 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: Associative $\phi$-meson and neutral kaon production has been investigated in neutron--carbon interactions with the EXCHARM spectrometer at the Serpukhov accelerator. The cross section of inclusive associative $\phi$ and $K^0/\bar{K^0}$ production has been defined. The fraction of processes, permitted by Okubo--Zweig--Iizuka rule, was estimated in reactions with $\phi$-meson production.

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