Preprint / Accelerators and Storage Rings JINR-P9-2005-110 P9-2005-110

Calculation of Lifetime of Charge-Exchanging Carbon Targets in Intense Heavy Ion Beams

Gikal, B N ; Gulbekyan, G G ; Kazacha, V I ; Kamanin, D V

Pages: 12 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: Influence of the radiation damage and sublimation effects on the lifetime of carbon targets used for the accelerated ion beam extraction from cyclotrons by the charge-exchanging method is considered. The theoretical models permitting evaluation of the carbon target lifetime depending on their and ion beam parameters are presented both for the radiation damage and sublimation effects. It is shown that for the U-400 cyclotron carbon targets 50 $\mu$g/cm$^{2}$ thick and for the ion beam flux density up to 100 p$\mu$A/cm$^{2}$ the main effect defining the carbon target lifetime is the radiation damage. If the carbon target thickness and the ion beam flux density are greater, the target lifetime is defined already by the sublimation effect. In this connection "casting pipes" can be formed in the target, affecting on the mean energy and the energy distribution dispersion of the ion beam flied through the target. Comparison of measured and calculated target lifetimes is carried out

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