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High Statistics Σp Scattering Experiment Using High Intensity Pion Beams at J-PARC

Miwa, K. (Tohoku U.) ; Ahn, J.K. (Korea U.) ; Akazawa, Y. (Tohoku U.) ; Callier, S. (Ec. Polytech., OMEGA) ; Chiga, N. (Tohoku U.) ; Evtoukhovitch, P. (Dubna, JINR) ; Hasegawa, S. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Hayakawa, S. (Osaka U.) ; Hayakawa, T. (Osaka U.) ; Hosomi, K. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Honda, R. (Osaka U.) ; Hwang, S.H. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Ieiri, M. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Ikeda, M. (Tohoku U.) ; Imai, K. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Ishimoto, S. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Jung, W.S. (Korea U.) ; Kanda, H. (Tohoku U.) ; Kobayashi, K. (Osaka U.) ; Koike, T. (Tohoku U.) ; Kondo, Y. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Kim, S.H. (Korea U.) ; Kim, J.L. (Korea U.) ; Lee, J.W. (Korea U.) ; Matsumoto, Y. (Tohoku U.) ; Moritsu, M. (Osaka U.) ; Nakada, Y. (Osaka U.) ; Nakagawa, M. (Osaka U.) ; Nakamura, I. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Naruki, M. (Kyoto U.) ; Ogura, Y. (Tohoku U.) ; Raux, L. (Ec. Polytech., OMEGA) ; Sakaguchi, A. (Osaka U.) ; Sako, H. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Sasaki, Y. (Tohoku U.) ; Sato, S. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Shiozaki, T. (Tohoku U.) ; Shirotori, K. (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Sugimura, H. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Suzuki, S. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Taille, C. d. L. (Ec. Polytech., OMEGA) ; Takahashi, H. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Takahashi, T. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Takahashi, T.N. (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Tamura, H. (Tohoku U.) ; Tanaka, M. (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Tanida, K. (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Tsamalaidze, Z. (Dubna, JINR) ; Ukai, M. (Tohoku U.) ; Umetsu, H. (Tohoku U.) ; Yamamoto, T.O. (Tohoku U.) ; Yoshimura, K. (Okayama U.)

Published in: JPS Conf.Proc.
Year: 2017
Vol.: 17
Page No: 041002
Pages: 6
Year: 2017 published

Abstract: In order to test theoretical frameworks of the baryon–baryon (BB) interactions and to confirm the “Pauli effect between quarks” for the first time, we have proposed an experiment (J-PARC E40) to measure low-energy hyperon–proton scattering cross sections of the Σ^+p, Σ^−p elastic scatterings and the Σ^−p → Λn inelastic scattering in the momentum range of 400 < p (MeV/c) < 700 in the laboratory system. Experimentally, we detect two successive reactions of the Σ production (π^±p → K^+Σ^±) and the Σp scattering (Σp → Σp) in the same liquid hydrogen target. The former is measured with two magnetic spectrometers, and the latter with a scattered proton detector (CATCH). By using a high intensity π beam, we estimate that more than 10,000 scattering events can be identified. In this experiment, we aim to provide good quality scattering data to test the theoretical models of the BB interaction.

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DOI: 10.7566/JPSCP.17.041002
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