/ hep-ex arXiv:1707.09279

First Simultaneous Precision Spectroscopy of $pp$, $^7$Be, and $pep$ Solar Neutrinos with Borexino Phase-II

Agostini, M. (GSSI, Aquila) ; Altenmüller, K. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Appel, S. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Atroshchenko, V. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Bagdasarian, Z. (Julich, Forschungszentrum) ; Basilico, D. (Milan U.) ; Bellini, G. (Milan U.) ; Benziger, J. (Princeton U., Chem. Eng. Dept.) ; Bick, D. (Hamburg U.) ; Bonfini, G. (Gran Sasso) ; Bravo, D. (Milan U.) ; Caccianiga, B. (Milan U.) ; Calaprice, F. (Princeton U.) ; Caminata, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Caprioli, S. (Milan U.) ; Carlini, M. (Gran Sasso) ; Cavalcante, P. (Virginia Tech.) ; Chepurnov, A. (SINP, Moscow) ; Choi, K. (Hawaii U.) ; Collica, L. (Milan U.) ; D'Angelo, D. (Milan U.) ; Davini, S. (INFN, Genoa) ; Derbin, A. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Ding, X.F. (GSSI, Aquila) ; Di Ludovico, A. (Princeton U.) ; Di Noto, L. (INFN, Genoa) ; Drachnev, I. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Fomenko, K. (Dubna, JINR) ; Formozov, A. (SINP, Moscow) ; Franco, D. (APC, Paris) ; Froborg, F. (Princeton U.) ; Gabriele, F. (Gran Sasso) ; Galbiati, C. (Princeton U.) ; Ghiano, C. (Gran Sasso) ; Giammarchi, M. (Milan U.) ; Goretti, A. (Gran Sasso) ; Gromov, M. (SINP, Moscow) ; Guffanti, D. (GSSI, Aquila) ; Hagner, C. (Hamburg U.) ; Houdy, T. (APC, Paris) ; Hungerford, E. (Houston U.) ; at: Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc,Paseo de los Ayerbe S/N,22880 Canfranc Estacion Huesca,Spain,Aldo Ianni$^{\dagger}$}\blfootnote{$^{\dagger}$ Also (Gran Sasso) ; Ianni, Andrea (Princeton U.) ; Jany, A. (Jagiellonian U.) ; Jeschke, D. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Kobychev, V. (Kiev, INR) ; Korablev, D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Korga, G. (Houston U.) ; Kryn, D. (APC, Paris) ; Laubenstein, M. (Gran Sasso) ; Litvinovich, E. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.) ; Lombardi$^{\ddagger}$}\blfootnote{$^{\ddagger}$ Present address: Physics Department,University of California,San Diego,CA 92093,USA, F. (Gran Sasso) ; Lombardi, P. (Milan U.) ; Ludhova, L. (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Lukyanchenko, G. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Lukyanchenko, L. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Machulin, I. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.) ; Manuzio, G. (INFN, Genoa) ; Marcocci, S. (INFN, Genoa) ; Martyn, J. (U. Mainz, PRISMA) ; Meroni, E. (Milan U.) ; Meyer, M. (Dresden, Tech. U., ITP) ; Miramonti, L. (Milan U.) ; Misiaszek, M. (Jagiellonian U.) ; Muratova, V. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Neumair, B. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Oberauer, L. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Opitz, B. (Hamburg U.) ; Orekhov, V. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Ortica, F. (Perugia U.) ; Pallavicini, M. (INFN, Genoa) ; Papp, L. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Penek, Ö. (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Pilipenko, N. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Pocar, A. (Massachusetts U., Amherst) ; Porcelli, A. (U. Mainz, PRISMA) ; Ranucci, G. (Milan U.) ; Razeto, A. (Gran Sasso) ; Re, A. (Milan U.) ; Redchuk, M. (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Romani, A. (Perugia U.) ; Roncin, R. (APC, Paris) ; Rossi, N. (Gran Sasso) ; Schönert, S. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Semenov, D. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Skorokhvatov, M. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.) ; Smirnov, O. (Dubna, JINR) ; Sotnikov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Stokes, L.F.F. (Gran Sasso) ; Suvorov, Y. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Tartaglia, R. (Gran Sasso) ; Testera, G. (INFN, Genoa) ; Thurn, J. (Dresden, Tech. U., ITP) ; Toropova, M. (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow) ; Unzhakov, E. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Vishneva, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Vogelaar, R.B. (Virginia Tech.) ; von Feilitzsch, F. (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Wang, H. (UCLA) ; Weinz, S. (U. Mainz, PRISMA) ; Wojcik, M. (Jagiellonian U.) ; Wurm, M. (U. Mainz, PRISMA) ; Yokley, Z. (Virginia Tech.) ; Zaimidoroga, O. (Dubna, JINR) ; Zavatarelli, S. (INFN, Genoa) ; Zuber, K. (Dresden, Tech. U., ITP) ; Zuzel, G. (Jagiellonian U.)

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Abstract: We present the first simultaneous measurement of the interaction rates of $pp$, $^7$Be, and $pep$ solar neutrinos performed with a global fit to the Borexino data in an extended energy range (0.19-2.93)$\,$MeV. This result was obtained by analyzing 1291.51$\,$days of Borexino Phase-II data, collected between December 2011 and May 2016 after an extensive scintillator purification campaign. We find: rate($pp$)$\,$=$\,$$134$$\,$$\pm$$\,$$10$$\,$($stat$)$\,$$^{\rm +6}_{\rm -10}$$\,$($sys$)$\,$cpd/100$\,$t, rate($^7$Be)$\,$=$\,$$48.3$$\,$$\pm$$\,$$1.1$$\,$($stat$)$\,$$^{\rm +0.4}_{\rm -0.7}$$\,$($sys$)$\,$cpd/100$\,$t, and rate($pep$)$\,$=$\,$$2.43$$\pm$$\,$$0.36$$\,$($stat$)$^{+0.15}_{-0.22}$$\,$($sys$)$\,$cpd/100$\,$t. These numbers are in agreement with and improve the precision of our previous measurements. In particular, the interaction rate of $^7$Be $\nu$'s is measured with an unprecedented precision of 2.7%, showing that discriminating between the high and low metallicity solar models is now largely dominated by theoretical uncertainties. The absence of $pep$ neutrinos is rejected for the first time at more than 5$\,$$\sigma$. An upper limit of $8.1$$\,$cpd/100$\,$t (95%$\,$C.L.) on the CNO neutrino rate is obtained by setting an additional constraint on the ratio between the $pp$ and $pep$ neutrino rates in the fit. This limit has the same significance as that obtained by the Borexino Phase-I (currently providing the tightest bound on this component), but is obtained by applying a less stringent constraint on the $pep$ $\nu$ flux.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/DANIELE_PEPprofile.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/OMER_Res.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_Radial.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_User.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_ResComp.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_ResSub.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/OMER_Fit.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_CNOprofile.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/DANIELE_shoulder.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_FitSub.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/SIMONE_FitComp.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/BeB_metallicity_new.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1613496/files/arXiv:1707.09279.pdf

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