Preprint / Particle Physics - Experiment E1-2005-149 JINR-E1-2005-149

Exotic Narrow Resonance Searches in the System $\Lambda K^0_s$ in $p$+Propane Collisions at 10 GeV/$c$

Aslanyan, P Zh ; Emelyanenko, V N ; Rikhvitzkaya, G G

Published in: Part. Nucl. Lett.
Pages: 9 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: A number of peculiarities were found in the effective mass spectrum of system $\Lambda K^0_s$ in the ranges 1650-1680, 1740-1750, 1785-1805 and 1925-1950 MeV/$c^2$ in collisions of protons of a 10 GeV/$c$ momentum with propane. A detailed research of structure of mass spectrum has shown that the maximum statistical significance, equal to 5.6 and 3.3 SD, has been obtained in effective mass ranges (1750$\pm$18) and (1795$\pm$20) MeV/$c2$. These peaks are possible candidates for two pentaquark states: the $N^0$ with quark content $udsds$ decaying into $\Lambda K^0_s$ and the $\Xi^0$ with quark content $udssd$ decaying into $\Lambda \overline{K^0_s}$.

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