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Experimental measurement of sizes of emission sources for deuterons and α particles in O16-p collisions at 3.25AGeV/c

Lednicky, Richard (Dubna, JINR) ; Lutpullaev, Sagdulla L. (Tashkent, FTI) ; Olimov, Kosim (Tashkent, FTI) ; Olimov, Khusniddin K. (Uzbekistan Natl. U.) ; Olimov, Alisher K. (Tashkent, FTI) ; Yuldashev, Bekhzod S. (Tashkent, FTI)

Published in: Phys.Rev.
Year: 2017
Vol.: C95    Num./Issue: 6
Page No: 064903
Pages: 5
Year: 2017-06-14 published

Abstract: The sizes of emission sources of deuterons and α particles were determined in minimum bias O16-p collisions at 3.25AGeV/c from the analysis of experimental one-dimensional correlation functions of these particles, based on a theoretical model assuming the simultaneous excitation and decay of sources (of identical particles), whose coordinates are distributed according to a Gaussian function. The peak was observed in the experimental correlation function of the pairs of α particles in the region of q<25MeV/c, which was deduced to be due to decays of unstable Be8 and B9 nuclei at various kinetic energies. This result does not contradict the popular assumption of other authors about the existence of the α-condensate state in the O16 nucleus since unstable Be8 and B9 nuclei themselves can probably be formed from decay of the α-condensate state of the oxygen nucleus if such a state does exist.

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.95.064903
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