/ hep-th arXiv:1705.01650

Chiral vortical effect in pionic superfluid vs spin alignment of baryons

Teryaev, Oleg V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Zakharov, Valentin I. (Moscow, MIPT)

Pages: 6

Abstract: We consider chiral fluids, with (nearly) massless fermionic constituents, in the confining phase. Chiral vortical effect (CVE) is the flow of axial current along the axis of rotation of the fluid while the spin alignment is a non-vanishing correlation of polarizations of baryons with the axis of rotation. As the theoretical framework we use the model of pionic superfluidity induced by a non-vanishing isotopic chemical potential. We note that the average value of spin of virtual baryons reproduces the CVE. The role of defects, or vortices is crucial. The model does not apply directly to the quark-gluon plasma but might indicate existence of a mechanism to produce baryons with relatively large polarization in heavy-ion collisions.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1598141/files/arXiv:1705.01650.pdf

Note: 6 pages, no figures

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