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Representation of radiative strength functions within a practical model of cascade gamma decay

Vu, D.C. ; Sukhovoj, A.M. ; Mitsyna, L.V. ; Zeinalov, Sh. ; Jovancevic, N. ; Knezevic, D. ; Krmar, M. ; Dragic, A.

Published in: Phys.Atom.Nucl. / Yad.Fiz.
Year: 2017 / 2017
Vol.: 80 / 80    Num./Issue: 2 / 2
Page No: 237-250 / 113-126
Pages: 14
Year: 2017-04-26 published

Abstract: A practical model developed at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) in order to describe the cascade gamma decay of neutron resonances makes it possible to determine simultaneously, from an approximation of the intensities of two-step cascades, parameters of nuclear level densities and partial widths with respect to the emission of nuclear-reaction products. The number of the phenomenological ideas used isminimized in themodel version considered in the present study. An analysis of new results confirms what was obtained earlier for the dependence of dynamics of the interaction of fermion and boson nuclear states on the nuclear shape. From the ratio of the level densities for excitations of the vibrational and quasiparticle types, it also follows that this interaction manifests itself in the region around the neutron binding energy and is probably different in nuclei that have different parities of nucleons.

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DOI: 10.1134/S1063778817020260
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