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Conference title: Laser Spectroscopy : XII International Conference
Location: Capri, Italy
Date: 11 - 16 Jun 1995
Imprint: 1996

Inguscio, Massimo ; Allegrini, Maria ; Sasso, Antonio

Place of publication: Singapore
Name of publisher: World Scientific
Date of publication: 1996

Abstract: This text includes all the recent advances in the field of laser spectroscopy. Major results span from the control of matter by electromagnetic fields (trapping and coding) to high precision measurements on simple atomic systems and to quantum optics with single atoms. It includes a report of the Bose-Einstein condensation achieved by laser-cooling of rubidium atoms. Achievements in the technology of tunable sources, in particular of miniaturized solid state devices, are also reported. Most recent advances in molecular spectroscopy are illustrated with emphasis on "cooled" spectra, clusters and high accuracy frequency references. Topics such as atomic interferometry and microcavity quantum optics are also covered.

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