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Conference title: Workshop on Excited Hyperons in QCD Thermodynamics at Freeze-Out (YSTAR2016) Mini-Proceedings
Related conference title(s): YSTAR2016
Location: Newport News, VA, USA
Date: 16 - 17 Nov 2016
Imprint: 2017

Amaryan, M (Old Dominion U.) ; Chudakov, E (Jefferson Lab) ; Rajagopal, K ; Ratti, C (Houston U.) ; Ritman, J (Julich, Forschungszentrum) ; Strakovsky, I (George Washington U.)

Date of publication: 2017    Complete Date: 2017-01-25
Pages: 159 p

Abstract: This Workshop brought top experts, researchers, postdocs, and students from high-energy heavy ion interactions, lattice QCD and hadronic physics communities together. YSTAR2016 discussed the impact of "missing" hyperon resonances on QCD thermodynamics, on freeze-out in heavy ion collisions, on the evolution of early universe, and on the spectroscopy of strange particles. Recent studies that compared lattice QCD predictions of thermodynamic properties of quark-gluon plasma at freeze-out with calculations based on statistical hadron resonance gas models as well as experimentally measured ratios between yields of different hadron species in heavy ion collisions provide indirect evidence for the presence of "missing" resonances in all of these contexts. The aim of the YSTAR2016 Workshop was to sharpen these comparisons and advance our understanding of the formation of strange hadrons from quarks and gluons microseconds after the Big Bang and in todays experiments at LHC and RHIC as well as at future facilities like FAIR, J-PARC and KL at JLab. It was concluded that the new initiative to create a secondary beam of neutral kaons at JLab will make a bridge between the hardron spectroscopy, heavy-ion experiments and lattice QCD studies addressing some major issues related to thermodynamics of the early universe and cosmology in general.

Note: 167 pages, Editors: M. Amaryan, E. Chudakov, K. Rajagopal, C. Ratti, J. Ritman, and I. Strakovsky One more contribution was added
Note: YSTAR2016

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