Higher twist effects in the unpolarized parton distributions at small $x$

Illarionov, Alexei Yu. ; Kotikov, Anatoly V. ; Parente, Gonzalo

Year: 2004
Page No: 73-78
Pages: 6
Year: Dubna 2004 JINR

Abstract: Higher twist corrections to $F_{2}$ at small $x$ are studied for the case of a fiat initial condition for the twist-two QCD evolution at next-to-leading order approximation. We present an analytical parameterization of the contributions from the twist-two and higher twist operators of the Wilson operator pr duct expansion. Higher twist terms are evaluated using two different approaches, one motivated by BFKL and the other motivated by the renormalon formalism. The results of the latter approach are in very good agreement will deep inelastic scattering data from HERA.

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