Published Article / Particle Physics - Experiment E1-2005-150 JINR-E1-2005-150

$\Lambda$ and $K^0_s$ Production in $p$+C Collisions at 10 GeV/$c$

Aslanyan, P Z ; Emelyanenko, V N ; Rikhvitzkaya, G G

Published in: AIP Conf. Proc.
Year: 2005
Vol.: 796
Page No: 184-188
Pages: 9 p
Year: 2005

Abstract: The experimental data from the 2-m propane bubble chamber have been analyzed for $p$C$\to \Lambda(K^0_s)X$ reactions at 10 GeV/$c$. The estimation of experimental inclusive cross sections for $\Lambda$ and $K^0_s$ production in the $p^{12}$C collision is equal to $\sigma_{\Lambda}$ = (13.3$\pm$1.7) mb and $\sigma_{K^0_s}$ = (3.8$\pm$0.6) mb, respectively. The measured $\Lambda /\pi^+$ ratio from $p$C reaction is equal to (5.3$\pm0.8$)$\cdot10^{-2}$. The experimental $\Lambda /\pi^+$ ratio in the $p$C reaction is approximately two times larger than the $\Lambda /\pi^+$ ratio received with FRITIOF model for the same reaction and energy. The $\Lambda /\pi^+$ ratio has significant enhancement for heavy-ion and also for C+C collisions at 10-15 $A$ GeV/$c$ as a thermal statistical hadron model predicted.

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