Experiment PP2PP at RHIC

Bültmann, S. ; Chiang, I.H. ; Chrien, R.E. ; Drees, A. ; Gill, R.L. ; Guryn, W. ; Lynn, D. ; Pearson, C. ; Pile, P. ; Rusek, A. ; Sakitt, M. ; Tepikian, S. ; Chwastowski, J. ; Pawlik, B. ; Haguenauer, M. ; Bogdanov, A.A. ; Nurushev, S.B. ; Runtzo, M.F. ; Strikhanov, M.N. ; Alekseev, I.G. ; Kanavets, V.P. ; Koroleva, B.V. ; Morozov, B.N. ; Svirida, D.N. ; Rijssenbeek, M. ; Tang, C. ; Yeung, S. ; De, K. ; Guler, N. ; Li, J. ; Öztürk, N. ; Sandacz, A.

Year: 2004
Page No: 227-232
Pages: 6
Year: Dubna 2004 JINR

Abstract: An experiment to study polarized proton to proton elastic scattering at small angles at $\sqrt{s}$ =200-500 GeV was set up at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL, USA). The main feature of the experiment is a set of silicon strip detectors placed close to the beam in Roman Pots. This allows measurement of particles that are scattered at very small angles and remain inside the beam pipe. This paper covers the goals of the experiment, the results from the engineering run in 2002, the detector upgrade before the run 2003 and the detector performance and collected statistics during the run 2003.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1518690/files/1486569_227-232.pdf

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