Spin Physics at COMPASS

Bradamante, F. (INFN, Trieste)

Year: 2004
Page No: 281-289
Pages: 9
Year: Dubna 2004 JINR

Abstract: COMPASS is a new fixed target experiment presently in operation at CERN. It has the goal to investigate hadron structure and hadron spectroscopy by using either muon or hadron beams. From measurements of various hadron asymmetries in polarized muon-nucleon scattering for the first time it will be possible to determine the contribution of the gluons to the nucleon spin. Main objective of the hadron program is the search of exotic states, and glueballs in particular. This physics programme is carried out with a two-stage magnetic spectrometer, with particle identification and calorimetry in both stages, which has started collecting physics data in 2002, and will run at the CERN SPS at least until 2010.

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