TENSOR $A_{yy}$ AND VECTOR $A_{y}$ ANALYZING POWERS FOR d d $\to^{3}$ H p AND d d $\to^{3}$ H $e$ $n$ REACTIONS AT 270 MEV

Janek, M. ; Saito, T. ; Ladygin, V.P. ; Hatano, M. ; Isupov, A.Yu. ; Kato, H. ; Ladygina, N.B. ; Malakhov, A.I. ; Maeda, Y. ; Nishikawa, J. ; Okamura, H. ; Onishi, T. ; Reznikov, S.G. ; Sakai, H. ; Sakamoto, N. ; Sakoda, S. ; Satou, Y. ; Sekiguchia, K. ; Suda, K. ; Uchigashima, N. ; Uesaka, T. ; Tamii, A. ; Vasiliev, T.A. ; Yako, K.

Year: 2004
Page No: 306-310
Pages: 5
Year: Dubna 2004 JINR

Abstract: The high-momentum structure of the $^{3}$ H$e$, $^{3}$ H and deuteron in the experiment with polarized deuteron beam performed at $E_{d}$ = 270 MeV at RIKEN, Japan, in December 2000, was investigated. For this purpose the angular dependence of the tensor and vector analyzing powers were measured for the reactions d d $\to^{3}$ $H$ $p$ and d d $\to^{3}$ H$e$ $n$ over full angular range. In this report, the results on the tensor $A_{yy}$ and vector $A_{y}$ analyzing powers are presented in the angular range 0°-110° c.m.s.

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