Pilipenko, Yu. K. ; Afanasiev, S.V. ; Azhgirey, L.S. ; Isupov, A.Yu. ; Ershov, V.P. ; Fimushkin, V.V. ; Kutuzova, L.V. ; Peresedov, V.F. ; Vadeev, V.P. ; Zmirov, V.N. ; Zolin, L.S. ; Belov, A.S.

Year: 2004
Page No: 447-451
Pages: 5
Year: Dubna 2004 JINR

Abstract: The spin physics program is an important part of the LHE JINR scientific program. An intensive study of polarization phenomena was carried out at the Dubna 4.5 Gev/nucl. synchrophasotron, using cryogenic source of polarized deuterons $(\uparrow D^{+})$ POLARIS and some polarimeters. The commissioning of the new super-conducting accelerator Nuclotron supposes to continue the spin physics program. There is a project to make an intensive polatized deuteron beam in the,new accelerator. The Nuclotron has a short one-turn injection (8 µs) of positive ions at present. To increase the intensity of the accelerated polarized beam up to 0. 7-1 *$10^{10}\uparrow d$ 10 pulse the source POLABJS is reconstructed into the $\uparrow D^{-} $source and multyturn charge exchange injection of negative ions (20-30 turns) will be applied. Simulation shows that depolarizating resonances are absent under polarized deuteron acceleration almost at all energy range of the machine. A test run has been done at the Nuclotron using the existing $\uparrow D^{+}$ source POLARIS to check the polarization of low and high energy beams. The vector polarization of the deuteron beam behind the 10 MeV linac, inside accelerator ring and after beam extraction are conformed. The source design, setup parameters and results of the polarization measurements are presented.

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