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Transportation System for Heavy Ion Beams Extracted from Cyclotron DC-60

Gikal, B N ; Fateev, A A ; Gulbekyan, G G ; Ivanov, G N ; Ivanova, I B ; Kalagin, I V ; Kazacha, V I ; Kazarinov, N Yu ; Kolesov, I V ; Lebedev, N I ; Melnikov, V N ; Serobaba, A P

Pages: 12 p
Year: 2006

Abstract: Calculations of the extraction channels of the heavy ion beams extracted from the DC-60 cyclotron were carried out. On the basis of these calculations the extraction channels were designed and manufactured. Channel 1 has the length of about 14.4~m from its beginning to the target and is intended for film irradiation by different types of heavy ions. Focusing of the extracted ion beams on channel 1 is carried out by two quadrupoles. The ion beam scanning system (vertical and horizontal magnetic scanners) is situated after the bending magnet. Channels 2 and 3 work when the bending magnet is switched on. It deflects the ion beams at the angle $\pm 30 ^{\circ}$. The quadrupole doublets are situated after the bending magnet in channels 2 and 3. The tables of calculated gradients in all quadrupoles and dependences of the beam semidimensions along the channels for different points of the cyclotron operating diagram are given. The characteristics of the basic optical elements of the channels are also given here.

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