Preprint / Nuclear Physics D15-2006-23 JINR-D15-2006-23

Experimental Research of the Radiative Capture of Thermal Neutrons in $^{3}$He

Bystritsky, V M ; Bystritskii, Vit M ; Enik, T L ; Filipowicz, M ; Gerasimov, V V ; Grebenyuk, V M ; Kobzev, A P ; Kublikov, R V ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Parzhitskii, S S ; Pavlov, V N ; Popov, N P ; Salamatin, A V ; Shvetsov, V N ; Slepnev, V M ; Strelkov, A V ; Wozniak, J ; Zamyatin, N I

Pages: 15 p
Year: 2006

Abstract: A project of an experiment on measurement of the cross sections of radiative thermal neutron capture by $^{3}$He nuclei with production of one and two $\gamma $-quanta ($n_{\rm th}+^{3}$He $\to \alpha + \gamma $(2$\gamma $)) is presented. The interest in studying the processes is dictated by the following factors: a possibility of obtaining information on parameters of the nucleon $N$-$N$ potential and structure of exchange meson currents; a possibility of verifying the model of the mechanism for nucleon capture by the nucleus $^{3}$He in the low-energy region; necessity to solve some questions existing in astrophysics. The experiment is planned to be carried out on the PF1B beam of ILL reactor (Grenoble). The target is a hollow cylinder of pure aluminium ($\varnothing$140$\times $80~mm) filled with $^{3}$He and $^{4}$He (background experiment) at the pressure 2~atm. Registration of the $\gamma $-quanta is carried out by four BGO crystal ($\varnothing$100$\times $70~mm) detectors. According to the calculations the experiment, with 400-500 h of the PF1B beam running time, will allow cross sections for the above reactions to be measured for the first time with an accuracy of 2-4 {\%} (one-quantum process) and 7-10 {\%} (two-quantum process), which quite meets the purposes of the project.

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