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Recent results and performance of the multi-gap resistive plate chambers network for the EEE Project

Abbrescia, M. (INFN, Bari) ; Avanzini, C. (Pisa U.) ; Baldini, L. (Pisa U.) ; Ferroli, R.Baldini (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Batignani, G. (Pisa U.) ; Bencivenni, G. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Bossini, E. (Siena U.) ; Chiavassa, A. (Turin U.) ; Cicalò, C. (INFN, Cagliari) ; Cifarelli, L. (INFN, Bologna) ; Coccia, E. (INFN, Rome) ; Corvaglia, A. (Salento U.) ; Gruttola, D.De (Salerno U.) ; Pasquale, S.De (Salerno U.) ; Giovanni, A.Di (Gran Sasso) ; D`Incecco, M. (Gran Sasso) ; Dreucci, M. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Fabbri, F.L. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Fattibene, E. (INFN, CNAF) ; Ferraro, A. (INFN, CNAF) ; Frolov, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Galeotti, P. (Turin U.) ; Garbini, M. (INFN, Bologna) ; Gemme, G. (INFN, Genoa) ; Gnesi, I. (Turin U.) ; Grazzi, S. (INFN, Genoa) ; Gustavino, C. (Gran Sasso) ; Hatzifotiadou, D. (CERN) ; Rocca, P.La (Catania U.) ; Licciulli, F. (INFN, Bari) ; Maggiora, A. (Turin U.) ; Rodriguez, O.Maragoto (World Lab., Geneva) ; Maron, G. (INFN, CNAF) ; Martelli, B. (INFN, CNAF) ; Mazziotta, M.N. (INFN, Bari) ; Miozzi, S. (INFN, Rome) ; Nania, R. (INFN, Bologna) ; Noferini, F. (INFN, CNAF) ; Nozzoli, F. (INFN, Rome) ; Panareo, M. (Salento U.) ; Panetta, M.P. (INFN, Bari) ; Paoletti, R. (Siena U.) ; Park, W. (World Lab., Geneva) ; Perasso, L. (INFN, Genoa) ; Pilo, F. (Pisa U.) ; Piragino, G. (Turin U.) ; Riggi, F. (Catania U.) ; Righini, G.C. (Enrico Fermi Ctr., Rome) ; Sartorelli, G. (INFN, Bologna) ; Scapparone, E. (INFN, Bologna) ; Schioppa, M. (INFN, Cosenza) ; Scribano, A. (Pisa U.) ; Selvi, M. (INFN, Bologna) ; Serci, S. (INFN, Cagliari) ; Siddi, E. (INFN, Cagliari) ; Squarcia, S. (INFN, Genoa) ; Stori, L. (Enrico Fermi Ctr., Rome) ; Taiuti, M. (INFN, Genoa) ; Terreni, G. (Pisa U.) ; Visnyei, O.B. (World Lab., Geneva) ; Vistoli, M.C. (INFN, CNAF) ; Votano, L. (Gran Sasso) ; Williams, M.C.S. (INFN, Cosenza) ; Zani, S. (INFN, CNAF) ; Zichichi, A. (CERN) ; Zuyeusky, R. (CERN)

Published in: JINST
Year: 2016
Vol.: 11    Num./Issue: 11
Page No: C11005
Year: 2016-11-07 published

Abstract: The Extreme Energy Events (EEE) Project is devoted to the study of Extensive Atmospheric Showers through a network of muon telescopes, installed in High Schools, with the further aim of introducing young students to particle and astroparticle physics. Each telescope is a tracking detector composed of three Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chambers (MRPC) with an active area of 1.60 × 0.80 m(2). Their characteristics are similar to the ones built for the Time Of Flight array of the ALICE Experimentat LHC . The EEE Project started with a few pilot towns, where the telescopes have been taking data since 2008, and it has been constantly extended, reaching at present more than 50 MRPCs telescopes. They are spread across Italy with two additional stations at CERN, covering an area of around 3 × 10(5) km(2), with a total surface area for all the MRPCs of 190 m(2). A comprehensive description of the MRPCs network is reported here: efficiency, time and spatial resolution measured using cosmic rays hitting the telescopes. The most recent results on the detector and physics performance from a series of coordinated data acquisition periods are also presented.

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DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/11/11/C11005
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