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New System of Routine Control of Beam Profile for the Separator COMBAS

Teterev, Y. (Dubna, JINR) ; Budzanowski, A. (Cracow, INP) ; Kaminski, G. (Cracow, INP) ; Kozik, E. (Cracow, INP) ; Myalski, S. (AGH-UST, Cracow) ; Sedykh, I. (Dubna, JINR) ; Huong, Phi Thanh (Dubna, JINR)

Published in: AIP Conf.Proc.
Year: 2007
Vol.: 912
Page No: 468-473
Pages: 6
Year: 2007-05-22 published

Abstract: The ionization beam profile monitor (IBPM) for charged particles has been constructed and tested. Its principle of operation based on the ionization of the residual gas in the ion pipe is described. Vbeam code for data acquisition and visualization has been written and applied to the control system. The IBPM has been used for routine control of the beam profile and beam intensity in experiments performed on the COMBAS separator. Examples of measured ion beam profiles at the 11B beam at energy of 33 MeV/A with intensity of 1010 – 1012 pps are presented. Monitor has been placed directly after the thin production target. Scanned area was 5×5 cm2 with uniform 1 mm spatial resolution over the scanning region. Once calibrated it serves as the useful monitor of the beam position, profile and its intensity. The IBPM does not affect the beam and for an accelerator operator is a profitable tool for a continuous control of the beam.

Keyword(s): Control systems ; Ionization ; Data acquisition ; Ion beams ; Spatial resolution

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DOI: 10.1063/1.2746625
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