Preprint / Accelerators and Storage Rings JINR-P9-2002-164 P9-2002-164

The Device to Measure Currents in External Beam Transportation Lines of the DC-72 Cyclotron

Gulbekyan, G G ; Gikal, B N ; Gall, A ; Kalagin, I V ; Timoshenko, G N ; Pachadzhiev, K K

Pages: 18 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: The present work is devoted to the development of a device to measure ion currents in external beam transportation lines of the DC-72 cyclotron, which is being created for the Cyclotron Centre of the Slovak Republic. The device is based on a Faraday cup. As possible constructive materials for the Faraday cup, Al, Cu, Fe, W and C were considered from the point of view of both the residual radiation and heating by the proton beam of the 3 kW power. Based on the calculations performed. It was suggested to use aluminium. The results of calculations of the temperature distribution in cylindrical and conic cups have been presented, both for a proton energy of 30 MeV at a beam power of 3 kW, and for a proton energy of 72 MeV at a beam power of 2.5 kW. Also presented are the results of calculation of the construction with permanent magnets that create sufficient magnetic field to eliminate the influence of secondary electrons emission on the current measurement accuracy. As a result, a sketch of the device construction with the moveable Faraday cup and bellows pneumatic drive has been suggested. On the basis of the Faraday cup has been developed.

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